3 Things You Should Know About Watches

Watch Movements

Movement encompasses not only the sweep of a watch’s hands around its face, but the way its inner mechanisms produce that effect. A watch’s movement is fundamental in how it works and keeps time — consider it the “heart” of the watch. Watch movements come in three types: mechanical, automatic, and quartz. And for some enthusiasts, owning a mechanical watch isn’t just about telling time, it’s a way to express their appreciation for history, refinement, and craftsmanship.

Watch Straps

A different strap can transform a watch’s appearance to the point that onlookers would think that it’s a completely new timepiece. Most strap styles fall into the following categories: 1. NATO StrapsCrafted from nylon, NATO straps are simple and lightweight, yet hardwearing; 2. Metal BraceletsMany watch strap styles fit within this category, with materials varying from classic stainless steel to revolutionary titanium. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury, you could choose a gold bracelet; 3. Leather StrapsNo watch strap collection is complete without some fine leather. If you have a vintage watch that needs a makeover, a handmade leather strap will do the trick. There are lots of leather styles available, from military styles to sophisticated Italian leather.

Watch Care Tips

Like any item of value, a luxury watch should be taken care of. By bearing the following tips in mind, your best replica watches UK will remain faithful to you for many years to come: 1. Get it serviced- Every 3-5 years, you should visit a watch expert to get your timepiece serviced; 2. Storing- When not being worn, your watch should be stored in a quality watch box away from damp and extreme temperatures; 3. Wind daily- If you own a mechanical watch, make sure you wind it every day, even when it is not in use; 4. Wear regularly- Regular wear makes it easier to keep your watch in good condition. Good luxury watches are made to be worn, so their natural habitat is on the wrist; 5. Take care- Even the most durable timepieces can break under force. Remove your watch for very strenuous activities such as chopping wood or playing rugby.

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