Swiss Rolex Explorer II 216570-77210 Review

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When it comes to the four top groups in the Swiss watch industry, Rolex watch group is one of the classic, so to speak. Having nearly hundred years history, the Rolex group is the second largest Swiss watch companies, with annual sales of more than 2 billion Swiss francs, and 3700 employees in the Switzerland. Group composition is “elite” – the Rolex watch brand that has listed at the No.1 position of the world sales and its brother brand Tudor watch. These two luxury watches brands make Rolex group become the largest luxury watch producer in Switzerland, every year a half of the Swiss national gold total production is used in the watches of Rolex group.

For those enterprise who want to keep the watch industry status quo, Rolex certainly is the  “mainstay” that boycotts merger wave: for Rolex group that has no tendency in annexation or expansion, it represents the viewpoint of a large part of the enterprise firmly keeping the tradition and independence. However, in addition to intend to remain independence, practical efforts is also essential. Facing new competition pattern, Rolex group has already started to greater efforts in marketing, especially for the advertisement expenditure of its second brand Tudor.

Just appreciating the Rolex Explorer II 216570-77210 Black Mechanical Men Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer is the best witness of the human exploration trip, and it perfect fuses the watch-making technology and the exploration process, and effectively converts ideas into action, and its performance of accuracy also contains the meaning of distinguished exploration, the fearless spirit, as well as outstanding innovation etc.

Rolex Explorer is the best model of perfect fusing the Rolex together with the outer environment. The outstanding pioneer spirit of the Rolex Explorer watches once accompany explorers climbing over the Mount Everest, and their adventure experience directly bring power for the development of wrist watch and constantly improvement.

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Swiss Watch Movement: Reviews on Rolex Oyster Submariner 116649

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Nowadays, the philosophy about power reserve becomes clear and more and more consumers are grumble about their watches which can long last for a short period of time, and many brands began responding to it. We have to admit that those young and independent have more chances (and bold) to develop their own movements. But, touching the holy grail of energy reserve field doesn’t mean we have to cut off from the current watches; instead, we could optimize movement structure through other ways to improve its performance. For example, Eterna developed the exclusive Spherodrive which can reduce the energy loss in the movement so as to achieve 8 days of energy reserve. What’s more, Breguet has new changes. It puts new advanced stainless steel barrels into the movement to improve the mechanical performance of the movement and could reserve mot energy, in its Classique series, so that it increase the energy reserve of 5277 from 75 hours to 96 hours.

It is sure that a good watch movement that can provide long power reserve will be much more attractive and have higher collection value to the consumers. Among which the Panerai watches can be one of the best choice for you especially the Panerai 8 days watches. besides, just pay attention to the Rolex Submariner which also has good Rolex 3135 movement with excellent power reserve.

Rolex Oyster Submariner 116649

Rolex Oyster Submariner 116649 is made of white gold in the dial and are inserted with diamonds between the slits on links. Dial are covered by intensive diamonds, and the time indexes are dotted with green gemstones while the outside bezel is decorated with green square gemstones. Just like other Rolex perpetual movement, Rolex 3135 movement passed a serial of tests and gets certificate from COSC, proving its accuracy than other watches.

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Rolex Explorer II That Is Always Great Rolex Sports Watch To Own

Rolex Explorer was one of the first wristwatches to be designed for exploration, in particular, exploring new lands and varied terrains. They are the most perfect watch for those people who enjoy the lifestyle of adventures, extreme sports and mountaineering.

The Explorer is influenced by Rolex’s decades of experience in the Himalayas, and pays homage to the first successful climb of Mount Everest in 1953 by an expedition armed with Rolex Oyster Perpetual chronometers. It was first launched that same year as the ultimate expedition and mountaineering watch. The Explorer exemplifies the exclusive relationship that has long been synonymous of Rolex and exploration.

Rolex introduced the Explorer II model in early 1971. The Explorer II is the evolution of Rolex’s robust and reliable adventurer’s timepiece, the legendary Explorer. The watch was aimed at world travellers and adventurers alike. Larger and more rugged than its predecessor, the Explorer II boasts a date, second timezone and an iconic looking bezel.

The Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570, along with the Submariner, GMT Master, and the Datejust, constitute Rolex’s most popular watches. On the occasion of the Explorer II’s 40th anniversary, Rolex presented the ref. 216570 in 2011. And in true Rolex fashion, the watch paid tribute to the original Explorer II while also presenting completely new features.

The Caliber 3187 powers the Explorer II ref. 216570, and measures larger at 42mm. However, as a nod to the inaugural model, both the white and black dial versions of the Explorer II ref. 216570 boast an orange arrow-tipped 24-hand.

A great thing about Rolex sports watches, especially modern versions, is that they tend to be multipurpose. That is, they fit well into both business and casual situations as well as the more sporty settings for which they were specifically designed. So during your month long visit, and with various meetings at all levels of the organization, you don’t have to use any other watch, really. The Rolex Explorer II fit in great.

All in all, Rolex Explorer is arguably the most famous of all the Rolex models. It has a rich history and an elegant style. And the Rolex Explorer II is really among the best replica watches to own.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex GMT-Master Collection

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Rolex classic collection edition watch, GMT-Master watch belongs to Rolex first generation classic collection edition watch, having a history of 57 years, and it is definitely worth you have. Rolex classic collection edition of the first generation of GMT – Master watches, this is the first generation of GMT – Master watches, which is made in 1954. The most prominent feature of it, in addition to use “mercedes-benz” needle and the second hand with a large triangle indicator in the point, it also made by the special synthetic rubber bezel. The purpose that Rolex initially choose this kind of material, one is for the solid and durable features, another is because it will not affect the pilot’s eye because of the reflective feature.

Since 1956, the Rolex has begun to use metal to make table circle (such as 1675 the second hour watch bezel of gold material used in the 1675), and then began to adopt ceramic material. The Rolex GMT-Master is characterized by watchcase of 39 mm in diameter, the thickness of 13 mm, watch case no. 355863, watch ref. 6542, made in 1959, double time zone, central second hand, automatic winding, waterproof, three-piece suit stainless steel case, the polishing and grinding polishing, screw-plug table back and watch crown, 24 hours display second time zone watch bezel which is made of synthetic rubber, with two colors of red and black respectively representing the day and night, sapphire watch mirror with date magnifying glass device, black dial, luminous material dot, rod type, and triangular time scale, “Mercedes” needle, stainless steel Rolex oyster type strap, with original box and certificate of guarantee.

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Replica Rolex Watches: The Best Choice For You

Rolex is one of those brands that is highly in demand by both watch enthusiasts and non-watch enthusiasts. The brand has a wonderful heritage, including an impressive list of celebrities and VIPs that wear and have worn Rolex watches. Rolex is probably the only mechanical watch brand that could be named by just about everyone.

Rolex has been providing outstanding timepieces since the early 1900s. Currently, the company is highly acclaimed for designing and manufacturing functional and stylish wristwatches. Some of its best collections are the Rolex Daytona,  Rolex Explorer,  Rolex GMT-Master II, Rolex Submariner and Rolex Datejust. You do not have to spend an arm and leg just to have a wristwatch. There are replicas for these Rolex timepieces. Knowing the best and unique features of each collection will help you find top notch replicas that will cost half or even a quarter of the original so you get to save lots of money.

Designed to satisfy the needs and desires of international pilots, the GMT-Master II is a genuine aviator’s watch with a cutting edge features and remarkable time keeping mechanism. This timepiece is proven to reliable and invaluable in terms of long distance travel. It features a rotating 24-hour advanced bezel and a distinct 24-hour hand. With its excellent time tracking features, the wearer may simultaneously read three different time zones in one glance.

Introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner watch is the pioneering timepiece specifically engineered for scuba diving and water sports activities. Believe it or not, this Rolex watch is the very first timepiece that was designed to be water resistant at 100 meters or 330 feet. Since then, the legendary watch has evolved through successive innovations to maintain its consistent and reliable performance in water depths of up to 300 meters or 1000 feet.

A Rolex on your wrist is a solid indicator of status and luxury, which shows the world that you have exquisite taste. Since Rolex has succeeded in creating a name that is synonymous with status and success. When someone wants to reward himself or herself or mark a personal achievement, the purchase of a Rolex has become a natural choice. Replica Rolex watches look as good as the real Rolex. No one would know that you are only wearing a knockoff watch. Replica watches online can help you make a fashion statement without spending too much. You can still be as stylish as ever with your fake Rolex watch.

Swiss Watches: Tips on Choosing the Suitable Swiss Watch for Yourself

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One of the most important reasons why Swiss watches have become more and more popular today is that its remarkable reputation in the watch making industry for its reliability, accuracy, water resistance and shock resistance and being the symbol of fame, wealth and status, so there are more and more customers choosing Swiss Rolex watches, Breitling watches, Panerai watches, Hublot watches, Omega watches, Cartier watches, Audemars Piguet watches, Tag Heuer watches, IWC watches, Patek Philippe watches etc. No matter what kind of watches you are choosing, just keep in mind that getting the real one rather the fake one. Here just let’s know some buying tips on Swiss watches.

Tip one: Look at the literal. The literal of the fake watch can easily find the trace of handwritten when using the 10 times magnifying glass, but the authentic watch won’t happen this kind of situation except that it is the late renovation and not a regular service center renovation. Tip two: See the number. Factory of the authentic watches has its own fixed label rules, and has a serial number, and you can find out the specifications, model number, even the production date and the sale according to that serial number, but the fake watch is only one number and even has no number, which is easy to distinguish. Some true watch number is to appear in different locations in the watch, but the fake one only appears on the back cover. Such as Rolex, its model number appears on the12 point of its header, serial number on the 6 point number in the header, which need to tear the strap down to see.

Now, just look at your watches to see whether it is the fake one or the true one or just check out replica rolex yachtmaster and make your purchase on it from a credible online store right now.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Yacht-Master Watches

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replica rolex yachtmaster

In the Rolex professional watch series, until the 1992 Rolex first launched the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master watch. It not only reflects Rolex’s close connection with sailing, but also the first oyster professional watches which has three case size (29, 35 or 40 mm).Even to this time, Yacht-Master’s current sections still just have two sizes: 40mm and 35mm. And they all were equipped with 3135 and 2236 automatic winding mechanical movement that developed by Rolex and has the Swiss Observatory certification (COSC).So it is quite suitable for the selection for men and women.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 version is featuring platinum steel (904 stainless steel and platinum combination) case, 40 mm diameter, central hour second hand; instantaneous calendar, rapid correction;3135 automatic movement, official accreditation hour (COSC), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, anti-scratch blue crystal glass, waterproof 100 meters, anti-reflective convex amplifying calendar window, 904L stainless steel chain, oyster insurance buckle with 5 mm easily adjustable link extension system.

For the Yacht-Master’s facial disc configuration, regardless of the Mercedes Benz pointer, columnar and dot time markers and a date magnifier can be traced to the same origin submariner series. Different is, to the identification and maneuverability when yachting, it is equipped with large three-dimensional Arabic numerals of the two-way timing bezel. The oversize hour mark and a pointer painted with luminous material made the watch clear and easy to read in any case. In addition, Yacht-Master 60 minutes stereo marker bidirectional rotating ring is made of 18ct Gold or 950 platinum, it presents a concise and noble temperament and matches the nobility of yachting, it can be said to be the extravagance of the Rolex sports watch. Whether it is on the deck or in an elegant yacht club lounge, Yacht-Master are called the ideal companion of celebrities preferred.

The Rolex Yacht-Master 18ct Perpetual Rose Gold Black New Watch is more durable, perpetual and firm. Or you can also check rolex submariner replica for more choices on buying Rolex watches.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Professional Chronographs

Although the chronograph is very common now, it does not mean that chronograph is simple, many brands chronographs are just standing on the shoulders of the giant, today we are to review two watches, which are very classic and time-tested watches.

Rolex Daytona series 116500LN-78590 watch

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case material: stainless steel, ceramic bezel

Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch reviews: this Ceramic bezel stainless steel Daytona watch is currently one of the hottest watches of the imitation rolex watches. This watch is the new Daytona watch that was launched by Rolex in 2016 Basel International Watch Fair, once launched, it is favorable among the media, and the watches fans, after the listing, it is also difficult to get it, the watch is carrying the Rolex homemade 4130 chronograph movement, which is accurate and durable.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00580 watch

Watch diameter: 44 mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: Ceramic

Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch reviews: the watch case of this Panerai watch is made of black ceramic, and it is in the diameter of 44 mm, and it also uses the stainless steel bezel; inside the watch case, it is carrying with the Panerai self-made automatic mechanical movement, which has excellent performance. Watch dial design is exquisite and atmospheric, and it is covered with sapphire crystal glass watch mirror. This Panerai watch is matching with a brown leather strap, to be retro and elegant.

If you still want more choices, you can also consider the Zenith EL PRIMERO 51.2080.4021/01.C494 watch, whose watch case is made of 18k rose gold stainless steel and the diameter is 42mm and thickness is 14.05mm, and it also has the waterproof performance of 100 meters. In the function, this Zenith watch also adds the timing function and power reserve display function, but also for this watch to enhance the purchase value.