Big events on Casio watches

There are many famous watches brands. Some are from Swiss, some are from Japan. The Casio watch is the second. It is not the same as Swiss watches or Replica Watches Swiss. The product of Casio came into China Market successively in recent 30 years, replying on its stable development and growing scale. As one of the 3 brand watches in Japan, Casio adhere good management idea had searched break and innovation in technology like always, more and more science and technology would be used into wrist watch.

The president of Casio (china) Trading Co.Ltd Hong guan Ting think, as the largest self-operated business platform in China, JD has a large of high quality consumer groups, which will provide a strong sales guarantee for Casio, and the huge consumption data of JD also can provide accurate marketing incentives for Casio watches in the Chinese market. The Casio watch will continue to maintain bold and innovative spirit in the future, abide by the precise and rigorous production ingenuity, and show more sophisticated model for the majority of JD platform consumers.

The vice president and clothing business part of JD Xia Ding says, over the years, JD rely on a good imagine of the Genuine and developed self-built logistic network to provide consumers a good customer experience. At the same time, this cooperation is not only bringing the Casio into JD platform, but also hoping the spirit of science and technology of Casio watches can be spread in China and brings inspiration to the development of china’s watch industry. Through the JD platform, the scientific and technological spirit and ingenuity of Casio will be introduced to the people.

This in-depth cooperation of JD and Casio is another important gain after the JD watches shown on the Basel watch Fair and signed with international watch brands Lian Niya, Longkun and Movado. The industry believes that JD watches have continued to receive the favors from international brands, and constantly expand the scale of international brand investment, for domestic emergent high-end consumer groups to bring more rich quality choices.

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